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We invite you to invest one year that will dramatically impact and empower you to fulfill God’s calling in your life. This life changing learning experience will include both traditional classroom instruction, and hands-on training designed to teach students by utilizing real world environments.

Your tuition at ALC covers the following:

      • Classes & Materials (except textbooks)
      • Conference Fees (Awakening, Leadership Collective Forum, etc.)
      • Outreach Fees
      • Usage of ALC Facilities (Equipment, Media Lab, Studio, Movie Theater, Cafe, Sound Stage, etc.)

      Tuition For The Entire Program Is $4,975

      Tuition Payment Breakdown
      Non-Refundable Reservation Deposit | $500 | Due within 30 days of acceptance
      Initial Tuition Payment | $1000 | Due by August 5, 2016
      Tuition Balance* | $3,475 | Due by August 30, 2016

      *Tuition Balance –  For your convenience Tuition Balance can be paid in 9-equal monthly payments throughout the school year of $405.42 per month (includes a 5% service fee).  Or, to save on the service fee you can pay your balance in full at the beginning of the school year. Or, you can also pay some part of the tuition balance upfront then pay the remaining balance in 9-equal monthly payments. 

      ** ALC Scholarship Programs – Please be sure to learn about–and apply for–one or more of the several tuition scholarships ÅLC offers.

      *** Please contact us for information about ALC’s scholarship programs or to discuss the specifics of your finances for advice and/or assistance.