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It was my junior year at Bryant University and I remember not knowing exactly why ALC appealed to me. For sure the school was put in my heart after experiencing the Awakening Conference and I felt the need to attend. Even though I would be graduating from college soon, a school like ALC was something my peers weren’t attending and it was unfamiliar to my family. In my family it was typical to get a Bachelors Degree, and if you didn’t get a job after graduating college you would pursue a Masters Degree.

Well the summer before my senior year at Bryant University I decided to step out in faith and let God lead me. There was an urgency stirring within me to apply to ALC. It really felt like it was now or never and I wanted to put God’s kingdom first in my life. I know for sure I was being led by the Holy Spirit.

My time at ALC has been the most transformative and Spirit filled time of my life. I believe the knowledge and training I am getting through the Project Management program will set me apart for use in the church and in the secular business world. ALC is giving me the education, training and hands on experience I wouldn’t have had if I had gone directly into a career. It is helping me to identify my true passions and to exercise my talents, even as a Christian group leader at Bryant University.
The ALC leaders are challenging me in ways that are allowing my gifts to grow and develop. I have gained a whole new confidence level. I honestly believe my personal growth is the result of committing 9 months of my life to God at ALC! I wouldn’t want to spend this time any other way!