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This year Brianna Riley will be an assistant at the school system, which I graduated from in 2012, working with elementary students in 3rd and 4th grade.  Brie shares a short testimony about how ALC prepared her for this new season in life:

“I have never felt more ready for the task in which God has called me to, because of ALC. This past year I majored in Youth Leadership and one theme that I fell in love with is being there friend, hanging out with them, and taking time to work on a problem together.

How do I expect to pour into their life if I don’t care for what they hold most dear?  We think children are simple – but they go through the same hurt and trials.  This year my goal is to always be in prayer and work on building a solid foundation with my students. A foundation that is built on genuinely caring about what their going through.  During the year and throughout the years to come, I want these students to feel that they will always feel they have someone to come to for advice, comfort, or just to hangout with.

I truly believe that ALC has embedded this idea within me, along with many others.  Throughout this year I will be actively flipping back through my notes and refreshing my thought process, but always remembering the importance of relationship and the real impact it can have in a child’s life.