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“Before I began my year at ALC I had recently been given the position of Assistant Worship Leader at my church, Conquerors for Christ. ALC taught me how to properly lead both my congregation, and my team with a heart for worship. Awakening Leadership Center gave me the theological foundation for the “how” and “why” of worship”. Now, whether I am mentoring the youth of my church or helping someone on my team understand worship, I can feel confident in the Scriptures, and use them properly to edify the church.

Since graduating from ALC I have also taken on more of a teaching role in my church, especially in the youth department, and the school gave me new confidence in the Word and the opportunities to strengthen that ministry, as well as the resolve to lead people boldly and set myself apart as an example, pursuing a standard of excellence for Christ and His church.

I plan to go on to seminary and major in Theology, and ALC gave me the kick-start I needed to pursue that. I am thankful for the exemplary faculty and staff, who were always willing to mentor, and pass their hearts on to the next generation. By God’s grace, I have learned what it means to be excellent for Christ and better pursue Him through ALC.”

-David Jonathan Mello, Graduate of the Worship Music Program