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Our Philosophy

The Church’s greatest potential lies with its young people. This is not a hopeful cliché, it is a powerful truth that cannot go unrecognized by the valiant and successful workers of the present day Church. The greatest minds and most passionate hearts for the ministry are not yet 20 years old. The generals of the faith, the warriors of the past decades, must turn now and put all their energies and wisdom into this coming wave of young Christian leaders.

New models of leadership and ministry training are coming to the forefront at this time. Successful pastors and teachers are bringing their experience and knowledge onto the fertile training grounds of the local church. The university and seminary cannot accomplish the real-world education required for effective leadership to this generation. A school campus and a church campus become one and the same.

The Awakening Leadership program is designed to provide an intensive in-class learning experience, immersed in the rigors of true ministry challenges. The theory of swimming is best understood at the deep end of the pool. ALC will use curriculum and classroom, together with specifically designed ministry projects for each subject. These projects will be student led and teacher assisted. Students will see firsthand, the byproduct of their learning and their work. The greater the challenges met, the deeper the understanding of truly effective ministry.

Awakening Leadership focuses on the “why” behind ministry before training the “how”.