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[three_fourth_last]The Project and Events Management program is a hands-on program that effectively equips the student with the skills needed for successfully planning, designing and managing major projects and events. You will work on projects involved in various ministries of New Life as well as events such as Awakening Youth nights, Fall Fest, Easter at New Life and many others.

Throughout the year, you will receive opportunities to apply the skills you are learning in the classroom. You will learn the art of planning, budgeting and organizing as you work behind the scenes to bring projects and events from concept to fruition. Students will be equipped to function in a professional capacity with the ability to bring their skills both to their local church and the workplace.

You will receive practical ministry training in…

[list_square] [li]Ministry Management[/li] [li]Event Design[/li] [li]Strategic Planning[/li] [li]Executive Leadership[/li][li]Analytics[/li][/list_square]

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Date: October 5, 2012

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