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Church To Church Scholarship ($500 + Match = Up To $1,000)

Awakening Leadership Center wants to partner with your church to send your students to ALC. We truly believe that this is a significant opportunity, not only for the student’s life, but also for the church that is sending the student. Our goal at ALC is to train and equip students in the arts of ministry to then return home and help build the local church. With that in mind, we have developed the “Church to Church” program to help support the student, financially. If your church desires to send a student to ALC with a monetary donation, ALC will match $500 per year, according to the following criteria:

[list_circle] [li]Student must enroll for and maintain full-time status at ALC during the year the scholarship is received, or ALC’s match will be forfeited.[/li] [li]The church donation for the whole year must be sent by August 30, 2016.[/li] [li]Funds must come from the home church – not the student, parents, or relatives.[/li][li]Monies are applied to tuition costs only. [/li][/list_circle]

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