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Year Two

Second Year Program

Awakening Leadership Center is pleased to provide a Year Two training program to a select group of our Year One Graduates. Year Two builds upon skills developed and the experiences of the first. Essentially, Year Two program will pick up where Year One left off. There will be deeper teaching and training, specific to those who feel called to full-time ministry.

There are 2 types of Year Two students: Continuing Majors and Second Majors:

Continuing Majors
Continuing Majors are students who have gone through Year One in a particular major and will continue Year Two in that same major. Both their Biblical Studies and their majors will be Year Two curriculum.

Second Majors
Second Majors are students who have gone through Year One in a particular major and are looking to attend Year Two in a different major. Their Biblical Studies will be Year Two curriculum, however they will be a Year One student in their new major.


Creative Media

Project Management

Youth Leadership

Worship Music



One is sponsored into the Year Two program due to the evident potential for further growth and a greater leadership capacity. If a Year One student has a desire to further their training by continuing in ALC, they may apply for Year Two. In Year Two, more is expected and therefore more is required.


  • You must be a Year One ALC Graduate.
  • You may apply, but you must be sponsored in by a Major Instructor or the Administrative Staff.
  • You must be available evenings, weekends, all New life services and events, and all Awakening services and events. Due to the tasks and responsibilities of a Year Two student, we ask that you attend New Life on Sundays.
  • You must be able to work for a portion of the summer.
  • It is encouraged that you live in the ALC Housing.


  • You will develop your leadership skills as a point person in a specific ministry practicum.
  • You will assist in leadership roles in Awakening.
  • You will gain access and be involved in strategic ministry meetings.
  • You will lead a team for Awakening Conference.
  • You will help coordinate ALC’s chapels.
  • You will work closely with ALC instructors and faculty in your field of study.

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