The annual cost of tuition is $4,950 and includes: classes & course materials for the entire school year.  Students are responsible for the purchase of their textbooks (in hard copy or eReader versions).

Yes, ALC does offer financial assistance by way of a monthly payment plan that many students take advantage of, as well as a church-to-church scholarship of up to $1000 to qualifying students. Please speak with your admissions agent for details on this or any other financial questions you may have. Note: At present, ALC is not yet a FAFSA listed school.

Applications are accepted up to the start of the school year (on or around September 1st). However, because seating is limited, you are strongly encouraged to submit your application as soon as your decision is made to attend ALC so as to reserve your space.

An application fee of $50 is due with your submitted application.

A $500 deposit is due within 30 days of your acceptance into the school. This payment is very important because it reserves your spot in the program (seating is limited and assigned on a first come, first served basis so please be sure to get your deposit in within 30-days of acceptance so you do not lose your spot!).

A tuition deposit of $1,500 is then due by August 5th.

The remaining tuition balance can either be paid in full on September 1st, or you 
may take advantage of ALC’s easy monthly payment plan. This plan divides your remaining tuition balance into 8 equal monthly payments due on the 15th of each month, with the first payment due on September 15th and the eighth and final payment due on April 15th (Note: there is a nominal monthly service charge applied when taking advantage of the monthly payment plan).

Yes, you can and in fact many students do. However, please keep in mind that ALC’s program includes a demanding schedule and workload, both during the classroom hours and outside of them. Our RA’s can assist out-of-state students with finding part time jobs close to the school’s campus and student housing. Note: This link provides a sample schedule that is subject to change.

ALC utilizes a modern, safe, and conveniently located apartment complex, called ‘The Ledges’, just a short distance from the campus. We have housing directors who also live onsite and are available to students 24/7, as well as transportation to and from the campus for those who might need it.

Having a car is optional. However, getting around is more convenient for students who do have one. Students without a car can find transportation with other students or take advantage of public transportation. Transportation to and from housing on school days is provided for those who require it. The main campus along with many of the places for entertainment and shopping are located close by.

Utilization of ALC’s housing is recommended for all students. It provides for a richer student life experience. Many students from the area commute to ALC on a daily basis, however out-of-state students are required to utilize ALC’s housing. In certain cases, exemptions to this policy may be granted depending on special circumstances. Please contact ALC’s student affairs director to discuss your specific situation.

ALC has had international students attend and graduate but this is based on the student’s ability to obtain a VISA. We recommend inquiring with your local U.S. Consulate prior to submitting your application.

Awakening Leadership Center has been classified as an avocational school of higher learning by the Rhode Island Board of Governors of Higher Learning. As such, ALC does not grant college credits but instead awards graduates certificates in one or more of the following fields of studies: Biblical Studies, Creative Media, Youth Leadership, Project & Events Management, Worship Music, and Church Management & Leadership. While courses taken at ALC are not directly transferable to a college or university, many of our students are obtaining credits for their ALC course work simply by going through a college or university’s prior learning assessment program. ALC provides its graduates with prior learning packets that they will submit, along with their college applications, for consideration. You can learn more about ‘prior learning assessment’ by speaking with an ALC admissions agent or a student affairs administrator.

Many of our graduates are employed in full or part-time positions at their churches as a direct result of the learning and work experience gained from their training at ALC. ALC often receives requests from other churches interested in hiring workers for a variety of fields (e.g. media, youth leaders, worship leaders, and project management).

Please do not hesitate to contact an admissions agent who will be more than glad to assist you with any and all questions you may have – info@awakeningleaders.org